Soon-Cell Phone Annoying Robo-Calls?

There’s a new bill in congress which would omit the ban on automated calls to cell phones, and you may have to pay for them. This automated robo-calls to a cell phone is illegal. The federal government has prohibited these calls for the last 20 years. Permitting debt collection agencies to make automated calls to cell phones means consumer debtors have to pay the debt collection agencies call. Most consumers –debtors have cell phones and about 25% of homes are cell-phone only.

These robo dialing systems, which most debt collectors use, can over whelm a consumers cell phone and cost the debt collection agency almost nothing. If the Mobile and Informational Call Act passes, the National Association of Consumer Advocates warns, “harassing robo-calls on consumer cell phones will become the new norm.” Recall that debt collectors can only call you between 8 am and 9pm.

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