Stop Debt Harassment

Debt Collectors Are Not Allowed To:

• Harass you with daily phone calls to you or family or repeated calls with hang-ups
• Embarrass you by contacting your friends, family or neighbors
• Be excessively argumentative and rude including insulting, yelling or swearing at you
• Threaten you with threats of repossession; garnishment of wages; or threat to arrest.
• Call your workplace after you tell the debt collector to not contact you there
• Not providing written notice. Debt collectors must send you written notice stating the amount of the debt and notification that the debtor has 30 days to dispute the debt.
• Continue communication after disputing the debt. All communication must immediately stop when a debt collector receives your refusal or dispute letter.
• Contact you when they know you have an attorney
• Call you before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m. on any day

If a debt collector is doing any of these items, it may be a violation and you may be entitled to compensation.

Steps You Can Take To Help Your Case
• Save copies of all letters and notices from debt collectors
•Save all text messages and voice mails from debt collectors
• Take screen shots or pictures of each call from the debt collector showing the date and       number they called from
• Keep a log and notes of each conversation you have with the debt collector

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