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Identity Theft is a criminal offense that the victim may not realize until later, that their credit report has been affected in a negative way. It can be a difficult and stressful issue to deal with not only financially, but affecting your credit score and ability to successfully obtain loans or financing that you normally would not have a problem getting otherwise.

When you see on your credit report that there is information that does not pertain to you, you may have been the victim of identity theft. You should report this to law endorsement immediately, and then it is recommended that you seek legal counsel to help you legally report and correct the reported items in question. The credit reporting agencies hear people all day long refute information about their credit report, however, when an attorney is involved, these agencies are dramatically more likely to help you resolve the issues at hand regarding your credit report.

As your attorney, Michael Tierney will help you through the process of working with the police and providing evidence to the credit reporting agencies proving that you were the victim of identity theft, and that they reported items should be removed from your credit report. This may also involve contacting the companies that have posted the items on your credit report to ensure they are aware of the identity theft and that they must lawfully leave you alone regarding the issue and must not make any more negative posts to your credit report regarding the matter. can help you report and recover from identity theft.

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You may be able to request a free report based on receipt of an adverse action notice, intent to apply for employment, receipt of public benefits, fraud issues, etc. under 15 USC 1681j(b)-(d).

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