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Winter Park Consumer Debt Defense Trial Lawyer Handles Credit Card Lawsuits

Florida attorney representing clients against creditors and debt collectors

Michael Tierney, Esquire has successfully represented clients in Winter Park and throughout Central Florida in their credit card debt defense cases. At Michael Tierney, P.A., our firm aggressively litigates and files appeals in circuit appellate courts and district courts of appeals. Many attorneys simply try to settle these cases, but our goal is to win your case on its merits, free you from debt, and start you on the path to a brighter financial future.

The Do’s and Don’ts:

  • DON’T handle the case by yourself. Most people who try the handle their own cases lose the case and lose money.
  • DON’T be intimidated into paying an account you may not have an obligation to pay. Debt collectors try to scare you into paying by threatening to arrest you, garnish your wages, or place a lien against you.
  • DO answer the phone and tell the debt collector to stop calling.
  • DO keep a log or screen shots of all their calls
  • DO contact me immediately if they continue to call after you asked them to stop calling.

Understanding your rights under Florida and federal law

In order to enforce a debt against you in court, a creditor or debt collector must be able to prove that they have a right to the funds they are seeking. Due to poor recordkeeping and transfers of debts in bulk, debt collectors are often unable to satisfy the legal requirements to win a lawsuit. In many cases, our firm is able to help clients have their debt eliminated through legal procedures or technicalities. It is important that you never sign anything or admit to a debt collector that you owe money without first speaking to an attorney.

Improving your outcome by contesting your case in court

Collection agencies are often successful in court because a great many consumers don’t know their rights. By admitting that they owe the debt and that they cannot pay, Florida consumers are giving away their case. Many don’t even show up in court or attempt to present a defense. Our consumer debt defense attorney contests cases. We draw upon our experience and knowledge of the law at trial — where many debt collectors are not prepared with the necessary evidence or legal understanding to win.

Trust an experienced attorney to help you in your Florida debt defense case

Don’t face debt collectors alone. At Michael Tierney, P.A., we help clients in all stages of the collections process. For a free consultation about your case and to learn how we bring consumer debt cases to trial, call our Winter Park office at 855-740-3328 or contact us online.

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