Credit Card Usage Way Up!

At the end of 2008, more consumers were using debit cards than credit cards but now that trend has reversed, according to First Data, card processing company; “They’ve been using their credit cards more and are starting to return to pre-recession buying habits.” First Data also says payments made with credit cards on Black Friday jumped 7.4% from the same day a year earlier, while debit card use only rose 3.4%.

Credit cards bring banks more interest payments when consumers keep a monthly running balance. The push seems to be proving successful. Javelin Strategy & Research recently projected that online credit card use will.

Consumers with credit card law suits often say they just didn’t watch their use of credit cards. This can lead to debt collection harassment and violations of the Florida fair debt collection act. If you think a creditor harassed you, call for a free consultation to see if they violated either the federal or state consumer debt collection laws.

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